No bonus game in Hard Mode?

[Post New]by AnaBellz on Nov 23, 16 5:38 PM
So I have completed playing this game in hard mode (previously I played it in the normal mode) and it won't let me access the bonus gameplay. When I go to the bonus content from the menu (after completing hard mode) I cannot click on the bonus game, there is this button-thing saying END, and it would not click. I then returned back to the menu, hit play on the main game and it brought me back to the place before I saved the Chancellor's daughter. I finished to the end, and the same thing happened all over again - several times. Why is this happening?


Re:No bonus game in Hard Mode?

[Post New]by Thewerecatqueen on Apr 7, 17 5:20 AM
Wait so you have to finish hard mode to unlock the bonus game? That's a bit stupid imo

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