chapter 4,sheriff dugans house

[Post New]by momcarol01 on Nov 27, 16 8:49 PM
I cant figure out how to make the cookie. How do I use the dough and the spatula, and get it into the oven. I have started over 3 times thinking I missed something, still cant get it done, therefore I cant go any further.


Re:chapter 4,sheriff dugans house

[Post New]by EricRoesch on Feb 10, 17 3:05 PM
In the attic check the electric outlet. The spatula opens the cover, where a cookie mold rests. Put the dough on the mold and take it back to have Viking cookie dough. Put in oven and turn knob three times to bake it, pull out Viking cookie. Put cookie back in mold and turn it to open a new area

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