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Level 35

[Post New]by LanaPook on Nov 29, 16 5:02 AM
OK I don't see this one at all. Help! Where do I start? If I don't get this one it's all over!

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by Lyndy20 on Nov 29, 16 9:44 PM
Hi, LanaPook

Start on the left side. You'll see there are tiles that have iced-up partners on the right side. Move those tiles so that they drop into the gap far right, forming another little path against the edge. Repeat to bring right side tiles over to the left edge. You can then start manipulating the central tiles and those at the edges to make matches. There's a matching central pair - keep them in reserve, in case you need additional tiles along the edge.

Hope this makes sense!

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