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HELP !!! Adelantado is stuck under the quarry!!!

[Post New]by vernete on Nov 30, 16 7:33 AM
how do you get Adelantado out from under a building? the building didn't show up red as they do when you can't place them, and he was where i set the quarry. how does that happen???
he hasn't been seen for over 40 minutes and i can't go any farther in the game until he can do his part. sooo frustrating! this is the first time this has happened and i hope someone can tell me how to get him out. i'm sure he's under the quarry, when i click on his avatar that's where the screen goes. i am at the conclusion of book one and have already had to restart three times due to 'access violations', and not remembering it doesn't save if you stop during a level that isn't completed.
anybody got any ideas?

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