Level 3.8 Supples

[Post New]by Larkspur1949 on Dec 1, 16 1:09 PM
I have played this level 4 times (Casual mode) and always wind up short 2 Supplies for the last lava hole. Can't get over to the Pointer. What am I doing wrong?

I just played it on Relaxed mode and it gave me the 99 Supplies to start the game, which is what it takes to finish. In Casual mode it starts with 97 Supplies.

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Re:Level 3.8 Supples

[Post New]by Sundrinkr on Feb 16, 17 7:42 AM
Larkspur - I had to play 3.8 in casual mode a second time because I was short by 5 woods. The second time I didn't fill the hole to get to the center disk until very last and this time I had enough wood.

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