Looking forward to design a game like Chocolatier !

[Post New]by kailaswebb on Dec 2, 16 10:48 AM
Sorry for the bad english

Hey guys, i am looking to develop a game based on chocolatier as i have waited way too long for a new sequel. I just want to know what new features do you want in the game?.

Here is what i currently have. A game with both story mode and sandbox mode. A decent story with nice back ground. Story mode will be having 14 ports and 21 chocolate types. 10 Cocoa flavors and 10 coffee flavors.

The story mode is divided into two types: manufacturing or just selling. Manufacturing chocolate gives you the same taste that of the chocolatier game. But is also the tedious process. Finding cheap and best machineries , featuring 12 world known machinery types, finding shops to sell your chocolate bars and coffees, putting up your own store, competing against worlds top chocolate companies. Selling chocolate is much easier compared to the latter. It features find the top producers of chocolate, rebranding, hosting parties, hosting events, and making a name as the best chocolate seller. I have also combined numerous advanced technologies and use of AI is in consideration. I haven't figured yet with the sandbox mode.

If you could provide me with what you like to see in the game, i would be happy tto include the best ones. I am planning to make it in 2.5D using unity or unreal engine, also has a plan to make it VR ready. Once i have a full story i will try to crowd fund it with the kickstarter. My facebook name is Kailas Web. If you would like to chat in person.

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Re:Looking forward to design a game like Chocolatier !

[Post New]by aleutcia on Jan 27, 17 5:45 PM
I would be so interested in this format of a game, and so would a lot of other players!
So many people have complained that this series has not continued. Check the other forums for Chocolatier 2 and Chocolatier 3. You might want to post there as well.
These aren't new games, so people don't go to the forums often, but these games have a loyal following. Good luck to you!

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