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Not Impressed with Eipix

[Post New]by c6martin2 on Dec 2, 16 6:58 PM
I've had a glitch in each Eipix game of Key to Ravenhearst and Ravenhearst Unlocked, both which forced me to start the game ALL OVER AGAIN. For the first one, I got ahead of myself with the blacksmith figurines, and couldn't progress in the game.

This time, my computer froze up while I was playing Ravenhearst Unlocked, and I had to force shut down my computer. I was at the part where Cedric Ravenhearst is arguing with his wife Morwyn, and now I have to start back at the beginning! Shutting down unexpectedly has never erased my progress before! Judging just from these games, Eipix SUCKS!

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