Questioning the bonus chapter

[Post New]by Ravenhearst3 on Dec 2, 16 8:20 PM
When you complete the (H. O. scene / puzzle) you receive the Ball of Fate. Is this to be Madame Fate's crystal ball. If that is so, how did that get there in the first place. And also, when you accidentally free Alister Dalimar from Madame Fate's crystal ball in 'Fate's Carnival' you would acknowledge that the crystal ball broke into pieces. Which might explain Alister trying to reforged the crystal ball in 'Key to Ravenhearst' but then later got interrupted. So if the crystal ball was broken in 'Fate's Carnival', and later seen once more in 'Key to Ravenhearst', how can it be seen again fully undamaged in 'Dire Grove, Sacred Grove'?

How can Alister be the father of Lily, mother to both Derek and Peter? Because the following games afterwards tell Alister had no other family relations till he got to be with a woman named Abigail and had a son named Charles Dalimar. This is the only known blood relation they revealed. So did Alister pose as the supposed grandfather of Derek and Peter? How can it be explained in any way?

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