Level 1 Ironshop

[Post New]by 8d6gamer on Dec 7, 16 12:54 PM
Now it maybe just the download on my computer but the Ironshop Title "Level 1 Ironshop" never changes after upgrading to Level 2. When I upgrade the "Level 2" to "Level 3", again the Ironshop Title still displays "Level 1 Ironshop."

Level 1 Ironshop produces 2 Iron
Level 2 Ironshop produces 4 Iron
Level 3 Ironshop produces 6 Iron.

I believe all other features for the Ironshop functions appropriately.

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Re:Level 1 Ironshop

[Post New]by chigal012 on Mar 6, 17 2:56 AM
It's the same for me.

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