Haunted Legends and Puppet Shows

[Post New]by sillywabbit12 on Dec 10, 16 10:39 AM
I've been having trouble with the last couple of entries in each of the above mentioned series. All I've been getting is "access violation, etc., etc."
I've got Windows 10 with Windows 7 video card and have not had any problems with any other developer's games. I've sent my Dr. Felix diagnostic with each of the last four games I've tried to play to Big Fish and they say there's nothing wrong with my computer and they want me to accept credits for the games I can't play. I *DO NOT* want credits. I want to be able to play these games. I've blindly bought the games without trying them out first. I won't do that again. If this can't be fixed, then I'll have lost my money and ERS games studios will have lost a customer.

I even tried contacting ERS studios but my email keep coming back.

Anybody else having these kinds of problems?

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