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Talked with man at mansion... very funny

[Post New]by sassybee on Dec 10, 16 12:13 PM
When I got to the Baroness' mansion I clicked on the guy in the foreground. This guy is good looking, young, and studly. Eye candy for sure. Then he spoke... That handsome guy had a little squeaky high pitched voice (imagine a tiny elf child). Nearly fell out of my chair laughing.
That's gotta be a mistake but who knows, I have more game to play.

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Re:Talked with man at mansion... very funny

[Post New]by tookat on Dec 19, 16 9:50 PM
I just played that segment tonight and had the same reaction......
I asked myself...'Is this guy on steroids or something?
Did he just breath nitrous oxide?
oh sides hurt from that.

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