I love this cute and challenging Match 3 game ! ! !

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Dec 10, 16 4:13 PM
Hi fishies,

I know this game has been available on the BFG website for quite awhile, but I made the purchase only recently.... and I LOVE it.

If you look only at the advertisement for it on the BFG webpage, you might assume it is just a simple little game for children, but don't be fooled by the pictured ad. This game offers variety and plenty of challenge. Some levels take quite awhile to complete and I find them to be very interesting. I also enjoy the building part of the game. The village and the ghosts that inhabit it are so cute and colorful. I love watching them and adding new buildings and other objects to it as I have enough points.

Once I got the "hang" of how to play the first game I purchased from this series, I added 3 more Laruaville games to my collection. So, now I own: Laruaville 2, Laruaville 3, Laruaville 4 and Laruaville 5. I hope the developers create and release a "Laruaville 6" game real soon!!!

I realize that people's tastes in games vary, so give it a try. You may end up loving the match-3 games in this great series, too.

Happy gaming, all!


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