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Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 14, 16 12:29 AM
Dive into an atmosphere of holiday cheer and celebrations with Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles! Enjoy colorful mosaics that are split into pieces of various shapes and sizes. Each new puzzle differs from the last and the pieces are generated at random.

Assemble puzzles on a time limit, earn keys and unlock new locations. Increasing difficulty and play a variety of levels. In speed mosaics, hurry and assemble the picture as fast as you can. With logical mosaics, complete puzzles with a high number of pieces on a time limit. In simple mosaics, play casual puzzles – a light exercise to warm up for the harder stuff. And finally, the true challenge is hardcore, where you’ll encounter a multitude of missing pieces on a time limit.

Feel the Christmas spirit in Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles!


Re:Holiday Mosaics Christmas Puzzles

[Post New]by kukutoo on Jan 24, 17 9:05 PM
I wish this game worked past level 80!! I was having a lot of fun until it just went haywire.

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