Virtual Villagers 2 story


Virtual Villagers 2 story

[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on Dec 15, 16 1:34 AM
Tell me your daily events with your virtual families... And remember a li'l exaggeration is never a bad thing... So here goes...

Peni's life was miserable, ugly and stupid and it only went badder when she was not able to pay back any of her loans. But fear not, Peni! Me, Myself and I saved Peni and brought her to an old, ruined house where she started her life as a Maths Tutor.

Peni paid all her loans and taxes and even got promoted in the school where she taught. Peni had arrived just yesterday and she already owed so much to the owner. (ME ) Yes, yes... Enough with all your claps, I am already blushing.

Peni looked around and smiled. She remembered playing here when she was very young. BLING! Another mail! She knew that she had taken a break in the middle of work but couldn't the principal just leave her for a minute? Peni walked back to her office and opened her computer. But this mail wasn't from her boss, fortunately. It was from her childhood sweetheart Nap... Did he still remember her? Well, yes... Nap, apparently, lived right next to her HOUSE! He wanted to MARRY HER?! Peni did love Nap but was this too early? Happily, she DID marry him and he came to the house, the next minute. They celebrated the marriage with hugs, kisses and most importantly CAKES! Nap told her that he had been living with his parents in the next house ever since he was a young boy. And even after he started his career with Jewelry Cleaning, he stayed with his parents. Then Night fell and the newly married couple fell asleep in the warm, comfortable bed without any troubles...


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[Post New]by Cowsbird2020 on Dec 30, 16 8:12 AM
I am so glad this is starting up again. My thread went dead so when I saw this I started a new family. They are the Chambers family.

We start with twenty eight year old Pinki Chambers. She has blonde pigtail and wear a red dress with tropical flower all over it. She has $145 in the bank and makes $60 a day as a dried fruit packager. Pinki definitely wants kids, dislikes gophers, and likes fixing things. She gets into the house and begins cleaning it up. She gets the shed open and earns a trophy which makes the player very happy. After the whole house is clean the computer beeps signaling the arrival of an e-mail.

It's a proposal from a twenty nine year old man named Link. He is an Essay writer with seventy four dollars to his name and makes forty five a day. He has messy, short blonde hair with bright blue eyes. He has on a red and black flannel over a white t-shirt, black pants, and black boots. Link has a dislike for studying and thinks it would be nice to have kids.

They get married and after celebrating have a little girl with messy blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a dislike for cooking and peanut butter. Her name is Margina. Jump five years ahead (a.k.a the next morning) and we see Margina or Gina in pink overalls. Link has gotten a promotion and now makes fifty four dollars a day. The whole yard has been weeded and the family has begun to collect things.

After dinner the still happy couple has a private moment and three little girls are born out of it. They share their moms pigtails. Skye, Kristesse, and Bonny all have a like for combing hair and a dislike for green.

Now that you are all caught up as to where we are in the family I can post a story next.


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[Post New]by Cowsbird2020 on Dec 30, 16 8:24 AM
Story Time:

Pinki Chambers smiles down at the three little girls in her arms. They were thankfully all asleep right now because she was tired. She finishes cleaning up the breakfast and washing the dishes. Pinki walks down to the office where her husband is hard at work and their first daughter is playing office. She is worried now with four little girls and with only $240 in the bank about making ends meet. It was just her husband working now and even if she still got her $60 dollars a day she didn't know how life would go. The bank projections claimed at the end of the players week they would have $1550. That wasn't much to raise four kids on but she knew deep down the player wouldn't let anything bad happen to them.

Margina was a loud little girl, always banging dishes, drawing on walls, digging holes, trying to get attention, and jumping on beds. Pinki didn't understand why she did it, they took care of everything Margina needed. Pinki helped her with her studies, bought her toys, made her special meals when she asked, and almost never yelled. As their first child she would need to take responsibility with her three little sisters.

Link was a quiet man but Pinki loved him, he was kind, and gentle. He was great with Margina and Pinki knew he would be great with the triplets. She didn't want anymore kids four was enough after all

(I know the story was short but I didn't have too much to write. Just wait till the triplets can walk. Like three hours lol)


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[Post New]by Cowsbird2020 on Dec 31, 16 6:47 AM
Alright here we go I like to go in my phone and skip ahead a few hours to keep the game interesting.

Pinki's Pov:

After my three little girls start walking and all become dressed in yellow jumpsuits I get back to work. Later that night Link finds a little boy at the door and we let him in. His name is Tiny and he dislikes fish, while my three girls are four, Margina is nine, Tiny is three. After this I decide we should shoot for the six children and we have little Jessetta who looks just like her oldest sister and has no likes or dislikes. Jump forward three years and she even wears the same pink overalls. Bonnie comes down with a cough and an itch that we heal. She keeps getting sick but we do not have the money to spare for a doctors visit. She keeps getting sick and we try Penicillin which does nothing and we don't have the money for the vaccine now.

We all get itchy from her and the money spent on cream is over the top. Margina leaves glad to get away from the sickness and at fifteen Bonny dies. I don't know how to react to that my baby girl is dead and everyone is depressed. The triplets are down to two and don't really function as my lively little girls anymore. Tiny who was closest with Bonny is silent now just like when we took him in. I stay strong for my children and my husband does the same. We simply don't know how to act now that she is gone. Jess my brave little girl tries not to be upset because is sets the other children off. Skye is just angry all the time and Kris throws herself into her school work now. No one uses the sandbox, it was Bonny's favorite place to hang out. Soon all my little ones are off to college and it is just Link and I. We spend our last days together relaxing on the couch and watching tv. We pass away together in our sleep and now it Margina's turn to tell the story. Pinki and Link Chambers now lie to rest.

The future profession and child status.
Margina- Salad Packager, No way
Sky- Day trader, Maybe
Kristesse- Tech Consultant, Would be nice
Tiny- Statistician, Not really
Jessette- Fruit Examiner, Would be nice


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[Post New]by ChernaMouse on Jan 13, 17 5:31 PM
Cool! I don't feel like saying everything that happened to my peeps (Cooper, Camino, and Liana) so I'm just gonna start from today! Keep in mind that I pause my game in school days so I will only update on weekends...

I came onto the game at about 6 PM, and Liana was carrying around her new little baby, Mysti. I sent Cooper to work on his job, and Camino ran around excited about his new baby sister,

However, Cooper didn't feel much like working as he went to grab a snack instead. Camino also began to tire from running around, and went to bed in his new room. I only recently fixed up the first room and added a single bed, so I bet he was happy having a room to himself.

Mysti should be running around by tomorrow, and I'll update then.

(Also, I'm on my first generation. Liana and Cooper are parents, and Mysti and Camino are their kids. Both want kids so I'll have a huge family soon )


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[Post New]by ChernaMouse on Jan 15, 17 4:54 PM
Alright, sorry for not updating yesterday! I had classes :/ Also, the title of this thread should probably be changed to Virtual Families 2 Story.
Mysti was born yesterday, and so was another little baby boy named Paulozo. Like all the other children, he looked NOTHING like his parents. Lol. I don't think I'll be getting any more kids soon, Cooper and Liana are getting old
Liana and Cooper both received promotions, which they celebrated with glee. However, their party was cut short by three family members all being sick (including Paulozo). I was able to cure everyone, but Paulozo was still sort of weak. I gave him a blood orange, which helped a little.
I then bought them a few lottery tickets, with one of them winning 750 coins. That gave me enough money to add a big red toolbox to the workshop, and renovate Bedroom 1! (It's the kid's room for now.)
I also bought the family a little black kitten, which they loved. Camino is also 16 now, so he can do the cooking when his mom and dad are working. Kudos to you!
Camino should be in college by tomorrow. Good thing it's gonna be MLK Day and there's no school...otherwise I don't wanna think about what could happen to Paulozo. He's only 9...


Virtual Villagers 2 story

[Post New]by ChernaMouse on Jan 15, 17 4:56 PM
Rarebeauty44 wrote:They celebrated the marriage with hugs, kisses and most importantly CAKES!



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[Post New]by ChernaMouse on Jan 28, 17 6:38 AM
Sorry for not being on in a long time
Anyways, I forgot to leave my family on pause this least they all survived even though they went down to 48 the first thing I did was buy them some organic groceries.

The house was getting dirty, so I hired a maid and gardener-which earned me an achievement for cleaning the entire house inside and out. Now I'm up to 30 achievements, and this is only my first generation...

Then, I bought them a nice new loveseat on sale. I also purchased a few lottery tickets, which gave me...more food.

The day after that, Paulozo drove off to college happily. His mother and father were happy, but not for long...shortly after Paulozo left, his father-Cooper-passed away. He never got to enjoy the loveseat :'(


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[Post New]by kokoonthekob on Mar 5, 17 12:18 PM
Hi! Right now I have three people in my family. I'll give you their descriptions:

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Sustainability Consultant

Gender: Male
Age: 22

Gender: Male
Age: Under 2
No Profession

Beamer's POV:

The quiet shuffles coming from a couple rooms over let me know that Gaga is about to go to bed. I smile just thinking about her and our new little Loghi. It was her who had come up with the name too, saying that it was her father's name. I have never asked about her old life, but it's nice to know at least that much. The noise stops and I know that she's finally allowed herself to go to sleep. I pick up the telephone off the receiver in our small office and dial the next number on my list.

"Hello, do you need faster internet ser-" I'm half-way through the opening line when whoever is on the other end of the phone hangs up. I almost shout in frustration but I remember that Gaga is sleeping. I run my hand through my blonde curls. I can put up with telemarketing as long as I make money for my family.

I dial the next number, and no one picks up the phone. I peer at the clock and realize that it's already 12:00. I hate letting Gaga watch me work, but honestly this is too late.

I put the phone back in it's cradle and walk out of the office. The floorboards creak as I try to move stealthily along but I hear her wake up. I curse quietly to myself and then walk in to greet her.

"What are you doing up?" She asks, looking at the clock. I smile.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep." I tell her, and gently lay her back down. Two little blue eyes peer at me from the bundle in her arms.

I lay on the other side of the bed still smiling and go to sleep.


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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 2:47 AM
Okay! I am really sorry for not continuing! I had continued it in another thread! So, Peni and Nap are dead. So we are continuing from their descendant: Lily.

Lily walked into this big mansion and looked around. 'WOW' she thought to herself. Suddenly, the house brought a lot of pain to her. Her abusive father and her innocent mother. Balino, her father would earn nothing but he would definitely empty the fridge overnight. He argued so much with her mother Adriana that she died at the young age of 49. Her younger sisters Lillese and Mime were so young at the time. Lilesse was 13 and Mime, a young 9 year old. Unfortunately, Mime had died within two years and Lilesse had somehow completed her education while her father earning nothing. The house had meant so much for her but it was all ruined.

Thinking about this, her happiness level went slightly down at arriving. She was a bit blue as she entered her parent's bedroom. A tear fell on the Cashmere Carpet and she sat on the couch, examining the house. It was dirty but beautiful. She quickly cleaned up the loose socks. Since, she had a LOT of money, she hired a maid and a gardener. After the house was tidy, she started her job as a Rocket Scientist.

I improved her mood by feeding her some candy! More coming up!

It was so good to hear all your stories. KEEP IN TOUCH


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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 3:01 AM
Lily chewed some biscuits as she worked on her project. She had easily settled in this huge house. Suddenly she got a mail and for the hundredth time, she wished it was a marriage mail but no. It was another invitation to a wedding of a friend. Lily sighed. She knew marriage was a headache but she was getting bored in this big house. She became a bit blue again and went to watch some TV. I made sure, she was a little happy and then I went to the sale.

Fortunately, there were new items for sale but I made a big mistake. I bought a treadmill and a bathroom scale. A doubt flickered in my beautiful girl if she thought everyone was thinking that she was becoming fat. Practically, the whole day, she would keep running on the treadmill and keep checking her weight. Time kept passing and from 27, she became 28. BLING! Lily had given up all hopes of a marriage but she checked the mail. To her pleasure, the mail showed that she had a marriage proposal. The picture showed a handsome young man with black, tidy hair and a charming smile. His name was Crisono and he was 30. Like her, he loved babies and candies.

So, of course, they HAD to get married. He arrived in less than a minute and they celebrated their marriage. More coming up



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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 3:05 AM
kokoonthekob, your stories are awesome! Please Continue!

I am so sorry about Cooper, Cherna! I really hope your family will get over the loss.

Cowsbird2020, I felt really sad hearing about Bonnie. I am sure, she was

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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 3:18 AM
Since both Lily and Crisono loved babies, it was natural, to get kids. When I put them together, there wasn't one argument nor any discussions, they raced to the bed. Unfortunately, their first try was unsuccessful. Lily was discouraged but Crisono persuaded her and after a while they worked on their careers. ( A little imagination up here) A few days later, Crisono noticed that Lily was feeling dull, so he suggested a trip to the Maldives where Lily's aunt lives. Lily agreed heartily. She was getting bored with doing nothing. So they decided to go to Maldives, the place for lovebirds. After a few months they returned and (guess, guess) they had a tiny baby in their hands.

Lily was elated and so was Crisono. The tiny baby was a girl and they named her Electra (I know because they sent me a mail) and when she was three, I saw how she looked. She looks adorable! The parents decided to buy a pet dog for tiny Electra because they didn't really want more kids. They wanted to earn more money for Electra's bright future. More coming up...



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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 3:31 AM
Electra was just angelic for the new parents but unfortunately, she started to get bored. She pleaded with her parents to get her a new sibling. Crisono didn't mind at all but Lily did. It was not Cris (lets call him Cris) who did all the cleaning. Electra was the light of Lily's soul but all the cleaning, taking care of the kid was just over the top for her. She had told Electra like a hundred times, not to play in the dirt, not to jump on the bed, not to throw rocks on the neighbours, not to bang the dishes, not to draw on the walls, not to mess her cupboards and so much else but she never listened.

Lily was exasperated but then she saw Electra doing the 'puppy face' and agreed to try. And they were successful again. This time a beautiful child named Jessesse (Jess) was born. She had golden curls and blue eyes like her grandma. And fortunately, Electra was not jealous of her baby sister. Ever since Jess could walk, she followed Electra and Electra was too happy to say. More coming up. K.I.T


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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 8:22 AM
Time went so fast that before anyone could blink an eye, Electra went to college. The parents felt disappointing that they had only such a small amount of time with Electra. Jess was affected the most but she didn't mind a bit. She was only 13 and was an imaginative kid, so she got over being lonely. She spent her time in the nature while her parents turned their attention to their careers. However, the family was suddenly affected by Jess burning herself in the kitchen. Fortunately, she just needed a little multivitamins and time with her parents. She told them that she was interested in cooking, so the parents saved some money for Jess and got her a mini cooking set! Jess was so happy that the parents felt sure that she would achieve a kitchen career but Jess's career is still a mystery. More coming up.



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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 8:54 AM
Jess's first passion was nature and she wanted to become something... well... which included plants. Then, her interests took a turn when she wanted to become a cook. Lily and Cris felt that her cooking was awful but they kept their mouths shut. They felt a little hard to eat her food as she insisted on making every meal but they couldn't say anything. And then suddenly, one day when the parents were free from work, they went to get their meal.

Oddly, the table was empty and 17 year old Jess was doing her homework. "Not cooking today, darling?" asked Lily, as she switched on the stove. It had been many days since she had cooked.

"Not really mom!" said Jess as she completed her homework. "I mean-cooking is not really a career!" she said and threw her books in her bag. Cris snorted as he read a segment in his newspaper. "So no crazy experiments?" he asked. "No" Jess laughed. The meal was completed in silence and Jess ran to her bedroom. "Kids grow up fast, don't they?" asked Lily. Cris nodded. "I am not sure about Lily's future! You know what I mean?" asked Cris. Lilly nodded and sighed. She hoped the next day would be better. More coming up



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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 19, 17 9:17 AM
The next day was certainly better for everyone. Electra was getting married! Jess was reading her favorite magazine and Lily was practicing some Tai Chi in the yard when Cris read out from the pop up mail. "GUYS! Electra is getting married!" Lily and Jess immediately ran to the office and saw the mail where Electra said she had 'met someone special and he had proposed and she couldn't say no!'. Everyone was very happy and apparently the marriage happened the very same day!

A few days later Jess went to college and the parents again felt lonely. Their hair had become dark grey. The couple had no time to look at each other because they worked the whole time. They kept in touch with their daughters with mails. In their late 50's they started excising with the treadmill and the yoga equipment to live till 65.


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[Post New]by GwenBerth99 on May 19, 17 11:33 PM
I hope you don't mind me guys. So my peeps starts with Bra who is 26. She is an Engineer and earns 90 per day which is good according to me. So the other day, Bra's parents passed away so she came to the house. She hated the house but she didn't have an option as she was an only child. Bra had a bad temper but no one noticed because she looks pretty. She has long black hair and puts eye shadow on her eyes. She has an evil look but no one cares. She hates kids and never wants them. As she entered, she went to the kitchen to heat some food. Then she goes to the bathroom to comb her hair.

Then she cleans out all the loose socks. And having nothing else to do goes for a dip in the pool. Sensing her boredom, I buy her a movie called Turtle Adventures but she has no interest in that. As soon as the movie starts, she leaves to look for snacks. I get annoyed and place her on her desk but she is getting confused full time. Then within ten minutes, she gets itchy and weak and stomach upset and hiccups. So I give her medicines and multi vitamins and she goes to sleep.

So 2 hours later, she wakes up at a mail. It is a proposal from a man. He is handsome and is not that interested in kids and is a barbecue sauce maker. But for Bra, it is all about looks. He is blond and oh-so handome so she marries him though they are kinda opposite. The man arrives, but strangely, he goes to play pinball and pachinko while his wife celebrates with a cake. I want children, so i keep them together but they not interested, so I make them work on career.


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[Post New]by GwenBerth99 on May 19, 17 11:48 PM
Then they earning some good money, Stephory suddenly wants kids Bra and Bra doesn't want kids but he convinces her and they try! They are sucessful. Little Friana is born. She is having black hair with headband and green eyes like her dad. Bra is first thinking that kids always a huge nuisance but she is loving Friana so much. She is hurrying behind her daughter and is keeping her in a beauty contest where she winning 100 coins too. Then a guide is coming and asking to take Friana to become a actress and though Bra and Steph love Friana too much they say 'OK! you can go!'. Friana very popular child. she being invited to partys again and again

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[Post New]by Rarebeauty44 on May 20, 17 11:53 PM
I am really happy about Friana, Gwen. Let me continue my story.

So after two years Cris suddenly died at the feeble age of 59. Lily was heartbroken but having nothing else to do, worked day and night. The TV was dusty and so was the treadmill since no one used it anymore. When Lily herself turned 59, her memory turned very weak. She couldn't sleep and she spent a lot of time seeing photo albums. I gave her some warm chamomile drink and she slept peacefully without being disturbed for the rest of the night.

Unfortunately, the next day, when I opened the game, I found out that she had passed away in her sleep. I felt so dreadful for not giving her some multivitamins. Then I immediately thought of calling Electra but since she had got married, I had to call Jess (I liked Jess more )

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