Bonus Game

[Post New]by katsilve on Dec 17, 16 7:30 PM
Has anyone figured out how to repair the key in the bonus game? I have both key parts but no way to repair them. I can't go any further without the key and all other sections are locked.

Also, does anyone know what "shiny object" you give the cat outside the pawn broker to distract it?


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Re:Bonus Game

[Post New]by p7000 on Dec 21, 16 2:27 AM
Hi katsilve,

exactly the same thing happend to me. Again a showstopper in a BF-game.

When you look at the SG you will read that you need some green acid (or liquid, i dont remember) to repair the key. If you missed to take this ominous liquid on one of the places you visited before (like I did), you're stuck, because you can't go back.

Also the cat was not interested in one of the four items in my inventory.

Because there's no opportunity to restart the bonus game I gave up and deleted the game - unfinished :-(((

One more hige "thumbs down" to the testers. Sense of testing should not be to test only the positive possibilities, but also other constellations, obviously this does'nt happen.

Soory, that I have no better news for you.

Best wishes

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