[Post New]by KowboyKrazi on Dec 18, 16 3:17 PM
Still stuck on level 46....same thing. The only key is the green key on the first board, but no boards for yellow and orange keys. Have deleted and reinstalled, same thing. I can't move forward and for the life of me cannot figure it out. PLEASE, somebody, take pity on me and tell me what I'm not doing!!

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[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Dec 18, 16 4:33 PM
Um...I answered your post in the Jewel Match Royale CE forum, not sure if you have the right game?

The boards in JM2 Reloaded have only one "room" in each level. There are no keys you need to get so you're in the wrong forum.

If it is one of the other Jewel Match games, you probably need to drop the green key down first or get it with a launcher, then either a scroll arrow will unlock to let you go to another room, or the keyhole spaces will unlock. I've played pretty much all of this series and the ones with multiple rooms usually have you doing some part of a room first to get one thing, then it will let you do another part somewhere else to get another thing and so on until you're done. If it's JM4, check the HOS or puzzles on the sidebar at the left because keys start appearing in the HOS and puzzles by this point of the game.

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