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[Post New]by basmith12 on Dec 18, 16 5:31 PM
hi everyone, I play as mammaw 9386 and I have been playing since the very beginning and love this game. I have over 200 friends on my list and not sure how to tell who is still playing. I had to leave the game for the past eight months or so with very little time to enjoy the game due to my brother being diagnosed with cancer and other medical problems with the family as well as my own health issues. I removed my wish list so I would not interrupt my friends gifting and to not let their gifts go unanswered in receipt. I was finally able to get back in castle and play daily and was able to catch up to level 74 just in time for the CE and was about to begin my daily gifting of friends and try and catch up on the pets and other things I might be able to get but we received news two days ago that my mother has been diagnosed with lymph node cancer and she is currently undergoing tests and treatment at the same center as my brother is receiving his treatment. I have one daughter and she has started having health issues at the age of 29 and she has three beautiful young children to care for and she is also part caretaker of me (which I am so grateful) I just wanted to explain why it appears that I have been in and out of the game lately and am sorry if it has caused confusion to any of the players. Please include my family in your prayers. We have an awesome God and I know that no matter what comes my way that he is in control. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


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[Post New]by FreakieFaerie on Dec 18, 16 7:00 PM
Sending prayers to you and your family. I have just been reading all those here who are suffering either from issue, health or a death in the family.

My heart goes out to each and everyone one. It seems when I see the suffering and pain in others I feel it in my own heart. God gifted me the ability to be an empath so sending my magic Faerie Dust your way along with prayer.

Im also a good listener if you need someone to talk to as I mentioned reading several of these heartrending stories.

If you need to vent, cry or just talk drop me a line. I know sometimes it hard to go to loved one if your like me you dont want to burden.

But an MC friend is a friend nontheless. I have lots of time on my hands and keep the forum open and check frequently.



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[Post New]by napoeon on Dec 19, 16 5:33 AM
My thoughts and prayers are with you, wishing you and yours all the best.

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[Post New]by magz13 on Dec 19, 16 5:44 AM
My prayers are with you and your family.

I have been fighting lung cancer, this time, for three years. The cancer has spread. I just had a complete hysterectomy last month and they have also found cancer in my liver.

I know how devastating this disease is. God bless you and yours and please heal all of you.

God bless.

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