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question for older pc players

[Post New]by basmith12 on Dec 18, 16 6:18 PM
I have been away from game for several months due to family illness and trying to catch up. I noticed that I had 209 friends when I left and now only have 40 active players according to the little icon showing in upper left corner. Does this mean these inactive players are gone from game completely or just on break for whatever reason? I do not want to delete anyone if they are to be playing at later time and not sure of any changes over past months. Thanking you in advance for any helpful information. God Bless and Merry Christmas! mammaw 9386


Re:question for older pc players

[Post New]by FreakieFaerie on Dec 18, 16 6:50 PM
You didnt say what platform you are playing on.

I just said this in another thread.

But I am happy to add players either for just the event or to add a friend. Im sure some of the CE friend will start dropping after the event.

I would prefer to add those that have very few active friends and make it a priority to gift those that really have few friends due to inactive are being new to the game. I dont have tons of gift boxes but honestly would love to help those that need it more. So may of my friend are level 74 so I am sure they wont mind sending to those that are in more need of gifts than they are.

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Re:question for older pc players

[Post New]by AnnaDownes01 on Dec 18, 16 6:56 PM
Hi Basmith12.

Welcome back and I hope everything is now going well for you.

As one of the older PC players you refer to in the title thread, I hope the following will be of some help to you

A lot of players have lost their games during updates and are now playing under new ID numbers. They have possibly posted in a thread dealing with lost games.

Many have quit playing altogether due to burn out or for other reasons.

Check out the thread for PC id numbers and work from the back page for latest ID numbers.

If you have the forum names of some of your old friends you may be able to PM them and get their new IDs.


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Re:question for older pc players

[Post New]by GulfCoastGuppy on Dec 18, 16 7:02 PM
Basmith12, below is one of the threads started when many players lost their games with the Fall update. It will at least help with eliminating old ID numbers. Some new IDs are listed. There is another thread listing new IDs as players games were being transferred. It was quite an ordeal for many...hope this can help

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Re:question for older pc players

[Post New]by Sheri5823 on Dec 18, 16 8:19 PM
There is another possible explanation. If you haven't played in months your friend page shows the little red icon in the upper left corner on you friends list. It's possible that some players thought you had quit the game and deleted you because you were not playing for that long. I personally wait three months and if the little red box doesn't turn green in that time I delete them. I am on iOS though, and most of us did not lose our games like the pc players did. So if you have to leave again for an extended period- write away/ illness or something like that by your name before you go. I'll bet most castle dwellers will keep you longer if they know you will be back. If you are iOS and need new friends pm me and I will friend you.

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