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[Post New]by azlittlelady on Dec 18, 16 7:29 PM
how do u beat the developer score in both level 1 and 2

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[Post New]by Donna_Bella on Mar 3, 17 10:41 PM
Good question azlittlelady. Can't figure it out. I go as fast as I can and it doesn't help.


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[Post New]by mbmb6868 on Oct 15, 17 8:12 PM
On level 1 just click as many birds as you can, that will push you above the developers record. On level 2 don't build the outpost and only build 3 farms (ignore the one you need to repair the planks to get to. Ignore the upper left trail and the trail above the farms. They just waste food. Doing this should allow you to finish with quite a bit of time left and you should finish well above the developers record.

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