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puzzle 6, 8 ,9,10

[Post New]by dyn45 on Apr 2, 10 6:59 AM
can any one help me with puzzle 6.8.9. and 10



Re:puzzle 6, 8 ,9,10

[Post New]by alisa_lyka16 on Apr 4, 10 6:17 AM

NEEDED: Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
Level 3 Farming
Master Farmer

Drag your farmer into the lake. This may take a few times, but
eventually, they will start to hunt a rare fish. This fish not only
solves this puzzle, but it improves breeding.


...Why is this number 8? I always complete it second. Ahem. Anyways.

On the edges of the village, there are several sorts of 'strange
plants'. Drag a villager to each of them. Once they have gotten the
message 'Your villagers now understand this herb!', drag them to the
next plant. Once done, you will have solved this puzzle, and will
have a boost to your healing abilities.


NEEDED: Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
A LOT of patience

This puzzle always seems to take me an inordinant amount of time.
Hopefully it will go by faster for you. Once the villagers have
watered the field enough, the puzzle will be solved.


NEEDED: Puzzle 5 (The Lake)
Puzzle 9 (The Field)
Puzzle 11 (The Ruins)
Puzzle 12 (The Idol)
Puzzle 13 (The Golden Child)
Puzzle 14 (Butterflies)
The Golden Child

After summoning the butterflies in Puzzle 14, bring the child to
the plant that 'looks like it could produce fruit'. The butterflies
will follow, and pollenate the plant, completing this puzzle.

Now if we only knew why they required puzzles 11 through 14 to be done,
in order to complete number 10...

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