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[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Dec 20, 16 7:10 PM
I played this game on relax mode and finished unlocking all of the wallpapers at level 85. I think I finished so quickly because as soon as finances allowed I bought the maximum size treasure chest and filled it with the maximum amount of gems for every board I played. I also tried to get as many coins as possible for planting and find as many water and pesticide pots as I could on each board. When done I had 97 lives and 6565540 points. It was announced I had completed restoring the monuments and gardens early and was awarded 65 more levels to improve and increase my score. While I was building and planting each scene I found I had completed the building but had not finished my garden to my satisfaction. I had a lot of room left in the scene and could have planted more flowers but the game automatically awards you the wallpaper which you can use for your desktop background (or not...I chose not to) Then you start the next monument and garden until you have completed all 7 of them. I thought after unlocking the wallpapers I would be given the option to re-open any scene and continue planting my gardens. I can't figure out how to do that or if it is even possible. I can't see my gardens I built after unlocking the wallpaper for that level. I have no more room in the very last garden so I guess I am done. Seems no point in playing the game to level 150 unless something more spectacular happens than just increasing your score. I have played to level 90 and don't have enough room to plant any more flowers so I see no point in continuing. Is this the way the game is designed to be? Can anyone answer if I am able to access previous gardens? I suppose playing in relax mode and staying on the board until your treasure chest fills finding as many bonuses as you can on each and every board you can finish the game a lot sooner than expected. It is a good game just wish I could see and continue planting my flowers and save those scenes as wallpapers.

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