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I don't get it.

[Post New]by Beadfisher on Dec 21, 16 7:46 PM
Why bother to offer a choice of difficulties when there is no choice? I tried to set it at custom, because 6th time I try something and it doesn't work, I want a hint. I don't want a snide comment. No hint or skip box comes up. So I cleared the profile and set it for Easy, and when the hint box eventually came up, I got the same snide remark. See, I'm not really a fan of adventure games, which are apparently geared to people who are willing to click on every damned thing hoping for a response.I'm a fan of hidden object games. If there is no response, I want to move on. No moving on in this game. No skipping, either. Surprise! This is a no-buy.

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