Munich level 38

[Post New]by calapi on Dec 22, 16 8:52 AM
Ican not finish this level i need help !!

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Re:Munich level 38

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Dec 22, 16 10:06 AM
Hi calapi,

I understand there's been some trouble completing Munich, Level 38, and I wanted to stop by with help. This level was a tricky one and took me a couple tries to complete, but what I found most helpful was to work first on unlocking the souvenirs near the top of the board.

To do this, I worked first to create a Lightning Bolt boost and matched it with a bomb boost of one of the colors that was in the far-right box. This turned all gummies of that colors into bombs, and once they went off they unlocked the souvenirs. After this I focused on maneuvering gummies on the board to clear the tiles and unchain the additional gummies in order to drop those souvenirs. Creating bomb boosts and line crushes was also particularly useful in getting that done.

If there's still any issues completing the level we recommend getting in touch with our Customer Support Team with the email address that's connected to your game. Our Reps are always happy to help as best they can, and are able to offer additional tips and advice.

Additionally, if you have any questions about levels in the future we encourage posting in that city's level help thread. Posting there helps the Moderation Team make sure people's questions are addressed as soon as possible, and also keeps the forums easy to navigate. In case you'd like to take a look, I've included links to the Munich discussion and the directory for those threads below:

Munich - Level Help
Gummy Drop! City Directory - START HERE TO FIND LEVEL HELP

I hope that this has been able to help, and happy gaming!


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Re:Munich level 38

[Post New]by Cedarwood on Dec 30, 16 5:19 PM
reply to 38 Munich
I had the same trouble until I open a game up and found the computer had filled it all up
so its a case of waiting for the computer so don't waste your time if you get a board with so few on close it and keep trying


Re:Munich level 38

[Post New]by Heathjane7 on Jan 1, 17 8:28 AM
I've tried doing that if I understand what you're saying but nothing works. I've got the lightning flash then hit a colour at right top side if box, nothing happened, then had another go thus time hitting the chained top colour, still nothing. I've only I day left until I go back to Barcelona a where I'm stuck on 48 there. It's stupid when you can't get moving because of long blocks .


Re:Munich level 38

[Post New]by Jan3110 on Jun 17, 17 10:13 AM
Ich kann das Level absolut nicht lösen, bitte dringend um Hilfe.

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