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Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Dec 23, 16 12:41 AM
A thread for your reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Dec 23, 16 9:26 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

Review Guidelines

1) Be sure to keep your reviews on-topic. Reviews in this thread should only be commenting on Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour.

2) Be respectful of the reviewers. Please keep in mind our Forum Rules and be respectful of our reviewers. They take the time to post here to be helpful. Please do not review the reviews of others.

3) Do not respond to someone else’s reviews with questions or comments. If you have any feedback about a review, or you feel that a review contains incorrect details about the game, please contact the poster directly via PM.

4) Do not review developers. While we do appreciate your feedback, we’d ask that you keep your posts in this thread dedicated to the specific game at hand.

When posting reviews please be courteous and refrain from posting spoilers. If in the event that a spoiler is needed, please remember to post with white text and a warning. .

*Moderators will be removing any content in this thread that is not a review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by tejasgal on Dec 27, 16 7:52 AM
Game of the Year???? Paleeeeezzzzzz...........
So many games, so much better than this one. (IMHO)

Boring, unimaginative characters you don't really care about, even the "super puzzles" are not very interesting or difficult.
Half way thru this mess I was so bored and ready for it to end. Sorry developers but this is not the direction this series needed to take.
Everyone recognizes that the MCF series is all about the Detective going out and investigating "different" (ie; supernatural) cases. We expect weird, even maniacal villains with an agenda for murder and mayhem.
But we also expect well written stories, well constructed scenes with expertly arranged HOS and super puzzles that take time and effort to complete.
And as if that wasn't enough; there are so many loose threads left hanging in this game that it is obvious that a sequel is in the making.
Oh dear.
The one good thing I can say is that there are no more Dalimars. And, yes there are still those little things that you will spot that are reminders of previous games we loved.

As they say, try it for yourself. You may find it just right. As for me--Broken Hour is just broken.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by mariacallas on Feb 4, 17 9:33 AM
Ok, I usually really like the MCF Games: Dire Grove, sacred Grove is one of my favorites. This one was a bit disappointing for several reasons:

The Setting was only inside the house. Yes, it had secret rooms and I liked the Elevator idea, but still - it does something to the graphics if there are no landscapes, night scenes a.s.on.

The further the game, the more the riddles. Nothing against riddles, but at the end it were just too many of them and not necessarily very unique ones.

AND: No conclusion to the Story. She died, the ghost hunter went frantic and poof - end of the game.First I thought I just do not get it, as to what happened with the children ?????? Fact is, there is no conclusion! Just loose ends and too many of them. I couldnt even get back to the diary and reread the Story.
So yes, probably a Sequel. Will I buy it? Dont know.....

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by missjari2 on Feb 20, 17 7:59 PM
There are way too many riddles to solve, and the game takes you all over the place just for one small piece. After solving one area, you have to go to the hint for the next place. Very confusing game. When you get to the infinity puzzle, you are stuck and can't get any further. A walkthrough is definitely needed.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by judyglenning on Mar 13, 17 10:24 PM
I think I have all the MCF games except the first one, Huntsville. This is the last for me.
The game has become one long super/mini puzzle. Even the hidden object puzzles have now become mini games.
I'm a relic of the past I'm afraid, when Hidden Object games had actual hidden object puzzles in them .
I miss that.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by Mummapiglet on Jun 25, 17 9:46 PM
This is the best game ever. If you love puzzles this is the game you should download. Graphics are superb and the way the puzzles have been created/designed is pure genius. Carry on like this MCF. Top star rating from me.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by pennmom36 on Jul 15, 17 10:25 AM
Ever wish you could turn back the hands of time, back to a simpler way of life? Welcome to Huxley's Boarding House, where they have turned back the clock to the Victorian era where life moves at a much slower pace. No phones, no technology (say what! I'm outta here!) no modern day hustle and bustle, race against the clock drama. As long as you can agree to follow a few simple rules, and a strict schedule, you'll find yourself enlightened and refreshed after your stay....well, only IF you survive the horrifying secrets held within the Huxley's Boarding House!
This just might be another one of MCF's famous series ranking right up there with Madame Fate and the famous Ravenhearst games. This game will be tough for beginners, but doable, because this is not a hand holding type of game, and I love it. Many of the tasks require you to reference codes and clues you've seen previously, and your journal doesn't always have the exact clue written in it, or there may be more than one clue that may seem applicable which can be confusing. After the demo, things seem easier once you get into the swing of things. Then again, MCF has made those Super Puzzles famous, and they can be really challenging, but, they do let you skip sections of the super puzzle if one of the multi-layered puzzles boggles your brain, which has happened to me, especially by the end of the game, lol! There aren't any fuzzy wuzzy helpers to assist you in finding the Queen's Royal Photographer, George Pritchard, whose last known whereabouts was at the Huxley's Boarding House. In the Collector's Edition version, each scene has a Morphing Object to find, some are very well hidden and the cursor doesn't change to scream :here I am" I absolutely love that I have to actually use my brain to solve this case!
The Hidden Object Scenes are mostly Interactive List finds but MCF games are all about the Mini Games and solving tasks. The HOP's are well done and entertaining, but nothing compared to the puzzles, especially the Super Puzzles. The CE version has Hidden Ladybugs, one in each HOP.
The Mini Games are fantastic, even the tasks themselves are more like a mini game than just a mindless operation of turning a key etc. Below are brief descriptions of some of the mini games you'll encounter during the demo:
1) Locate and enter the right code.
2) Memorize the darkened squares, then insert the punch card an press those same memorized squares.
3) Super Puzzle which is a multi-layered puzzle using a decoder to solve the encryption and learn a story.
4) Set the time on the clock by pressing on the cogs to rotate the hands.
5) Place the 5 different clock hands onto the correct clock and then set the correct time by referring to your journals clues.
6) Super Puzzle, another fantastic multi-layered puzzle following blueprints and solving several puzzles within.
The Collector's Edition has 27 replayable Mini Games, 14 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, a Developer's Hunt game, Case Files, Concept Art, Wallpapers (most require you to earn and spend tokens in the Hunt game to access) 11 replayable Movies, 9 Music Soundtracks, 42 Morphing Objects, 14 Lucky Ladybugs within the HOP's, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Chapter, enjoy!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Nov 21, 17 7:51 PM
27 mini games-14 hos? There are other things I would rather spend my time and effort on than an overwhelming 27 mini games, as well as puzzles within hos. Bye.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by LadyMississippi on Dec 5, 17 1:31 PM
I absolutely hate this game, not to mention many of the other so called hidden object games out there these days. There are more mini puzzles in the games then actual hidden objects to find.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour here.

[Post New]by ddj1025 on Mar 9, 18 8:48 AM
Reading the other replies is striking to me, I did enjoy this game. Maybe because there were so many puzzles. I had a good time playing, enjoyed the morphs and ladybugs, and was actually looking to see if anyone knew what MCF game was coming next. MCF is my fave gaming but if anyone knows of another, let me know.

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