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Monetization suggestion

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Dec 24, 16 6:25 AM
My hands aren't as fast as they were thirty years ago, and sometimes they shake just a bit at the wrong time too. While I appreciate the ability to purchase Eternal Freeze, it not only is a blow to my ego each time I need it but it takes the fun out of the level because I could in theory play for thirty minutes if I had to. That is, there is no time limit but no moves limit either. And while most cities only have one or two timed levels that are bad, some are nasty with them (looking at you Athens!).

My suggestion is a powerup in the group with Lift Lifter and Trade Center that would give a permanent help in timed levels. Perhaps doubling the time allowed, and multiplicative so you could buy it twice and get four times the normal time. I'd pay $5 for that.

And with all that said, I'd really rather just have no timed levels at all, just the move limited ones. I play to relax and find time limits stressful even when I know I have plenty of time.

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Re:Monetization suggestion

[Post New]by shari715 on Dec 24, 16 10:42 AM

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