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Secret Investigations

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Dec 26, 16 12:29 AM
Secret Investigations is an addictive and exciting multilevel game for all fans of detective stories, adventure and hidden object mysteries. A detective’s job requires certain skills such as logical thinking, paying attention to details and having a sharp eye for noticing clues. Test your detective skills by searching for hidden items relevant to the case. If you manage to find all the needed items and solve the mini puzzles, you are on your way to solving the case. Follow a thrilling plot that spans ten intricate cases, plenty of unique levels with picturesque scenery and quality graphics!

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Re:Secret Investigations

[Post New]by jmidge0217 on Dec 26, 16 11:01 AM
300 HOS makes this a no try-no buy for me. Great for HOS fans-but wish BFG would offer more strait adventure games or at least games where the HOS & mini-games fit into the logical progression of the game instead of disrupting it.

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