Sort-of Spoiler Alert

[Post New]by Noeticat on Dec 27, 16 1:35 PM
This is kind of like having my own blog. No one else is posting on this forum...
Push/pull the box by holding L/R + spacebar. Often, you must move the box just a little bit then hop over it to push it off a ledge. The point is to hit the black-and-white doohickey which will flip the box. Sometimes you have to move the box farther along to another box-doohickey, sometimes you have to jump through it, over it, from it. On the stairs, I squashed myself a dozen times before I realized that I had to gently pull the box just half-way.
Often, you have to jump toward/over the spikes. You have to jump and angle L/R to hit a doohickey. Sometimes you angle/jump to hit a doohickey which changes your direction while you're in mid-air. Once, I had to step off a pillar while jumping up!
Sometimes after triggering a bridge or a box, you have to circle around to the beginning in order advance.
So far, I've had a lot of terrible fun playing this game.

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