BF Customers Choice Best 100 Games of 2016

[Post New]by ScarletteSpider on Dec 28, 16 6:12 AM
Thou I am very pleased that this game won for best HOG game of the year, there is some concerns about how all the winners were chosen.

BF says in it's advertising that they are "customers choice" but according to how they posted winners were chosen was according to sales in first 7 days of their release. That's not really getting customer input, because even though we bought those games, our OPINIONs of those games were never taken into consideration for accurate results.

If BF really wanted what would be "customer choice" awards for the top 100 games of any year, they would set up a poll for those of us that bought 3 or more of the games under consideration to give a review of the game, and a multiple choice questionaire to answer. Results from direct customer input apart and aside from our purchases, would give a true and factual results as to what WE the customers ACTUALLY think are the best 100 games of any given year.

The fact that the forums has NO place to put a general topic such as this one tells us many things. That BF has zero interest in our input beyond the money they garner from us. The fact that there is no customer service toll free 24/7 hotline is also another indicator of lack of interest in truly helping customers and getting our direct input.

If you look around at any and all other casual game forums that are not attached to a distributor, you will find not only were they compiled from players input exclusively, but that the list is a very much different one. Or go look at what the industry itself will award as best games later in 2017 during their big awards dinners that gets reported through various industry websites and magazines, again the list is very very different since based on players actual opinions and direct input.

BF, just because we buy a game, doesn't necessarily make it a "best" game. Many of them were buggy as all get out, dissappointed in many forms and ways, and some were just down right waste of our good money. However the Dark Parables series is one of the very few on the list that does live up to it's catagory as a winner.

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