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Help! being held captive in M. C.

[Post New]by mountain71 on Dec 28, 16 8:02 PM
Hurry please come and rescue me! I might add you'll need to bring reinforcements I don't know who these characters are or where they come from; but I will tell you this,they pose an imminent threat and danger to us all . whatever you do don't give in to them: don't you parlay with them , and pay them any extortion money! Oh were are you mighty mouth

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Re:Help! being held captive in M. C.

[Post New]by Lilabelle on Dec 29, 16 11:15 AM
Mountain, so sorry to hear of your dilemma. Please forgive us for not coming to your rescue, unfortunately we are all under the Castle's control and unable to leave our own captivity.
I myself have only escaped once. It happened when the PC gremlins stole my game, but I was recaptured by a new device known as Android.
Safe passage Mountain and know you are not alone in your captivity.

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