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Level 4-10 Fire Island

[Post New]by GJMcG on Dec 29, 16 12:08 PM
I have played this level over and over. I've found all the treasures, but the best score I've been able to get is 2 skulls.
Does anyone have any tips or tricks I can try?
I upgrade to get 2 workers, then I collect resources as fast as possible, build the lumber mill, upgrade for another worker, build the shipyard and the crystal mine as soon as I'm able. I build the cook as soon as I can, then work on building the second shipyard and fixing the crystal pedestals so I can get to the foundry.
We need a lot of iron, so I collect a lot of all the resources BEFORE I build the ladder and light the crystal pedestal at the top of it.
As soon as I light that lamp the monster appears and I no longer have access to iron.
But until I light that lamp, I have no access to stone!!!! So I can't do anything on the left side of the map until I can get to the stone quarry.
So as soon as I build that ladder I begin producing stone, upgrading the quarry, and having workers chop all the stones behind the quarry.
I build as many cannons as I can while the monster is active.
But by the time I get rid of the monster I don't have time to complete all of the cannons on the left side and get 3 skulls.
I'm sure there is a way, but I haven't found it yet.
I will appreciate any help! Thanks


Re:Level 4-10 Fire Island

[Post New]by gypsymar on Feb 20, 17 1:54 PM
Did you get this figured out? I have completed it with 3 skulls but I'm missing some of the treasure. lol

Anyway, if you still need help, let me know.

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