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not told relaxed tips

[Post New]by dlk_shades on Jan 2, 17 10:31 AM
This is only for the relaxed version.

When a ladybug (beetle) appears on the board you have 2 choices what to do with it. Since it is a bomb you can explode it as soon as you see it OR you can treat it like the butterfly in the garden room. Each time it moves it grows bigger which makes it into a larger bomb.

By moving the beetle you can direct it in the direction you want it to go. It will explode everything, except the major token. This takes some thinking to get it where you want it.

If after you finish the garden room and all the board says is "Room Completed" you will know that there is something in one of the other rooms that needs to done. Generally it is amber square with a money bag in it. Once you have found and deleted that item the game will say "Congrations" and you will be done.

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Re:not told relaxed tips

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jan 2, 17 11:03 AM
Those tips work for timed and limited moves as well.

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