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Jan. 3rd 2017 Review

[Post New]by yowzasma on Jan 3, 17 12:59 PM

ALMOST completed main game with no problems, enjoyed it very much and looked forward to the Bonus Game...This is one of those games that I was enjoying and not in a hurry to end and I didn't get to finish so as a review this is also a 'heads-up' to a possible problem :/ This is also posted under Tech Issues...
"" BUT Cannot get to third bracelet, locked out of all rooms, therefore game cannot be finished and the bonus stuff will not be unlocked... I went to the Forum and found that there are many other Fishies that are having the same identical glitch.
I buy Collectors Editions only when I really like the trial and this seems to have been a real waste if I can't play and play all that is in the BONUS Section.

I just ran a Dr. Felix diagnostics and am in the process now of turning in a trouble ticket.
I personally think the Developer should have 'owned up' and put in an up-date and has ha over a year to do it

Played on a desktop PC running Windows 10 and had no problems until the main game was completed and was in bonus game !!! ""

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