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[Post New]by ChocPeng on Jan 5, 17 9:04 PM

I wish the moderators wouldn't lock these posts. What's the point of doing that? I mean, I don't know what is accomplished by doing that, but I'm sure they have a reason for it.

Anyway, my problem is with the statue. I have all the pieces. I have the twigs and a lighter full of lighter fluid. I sat the base down on the table with no problem, but the game won't let me move any further. I cannot set anything else down on the table or near the base of the statue that it did let me set down.

Every time I try to set something down I just get that horrible tone the game makes when you do something wrong. The same with the twigs. I have a feeling the fire is next, but the game won't let me put the twigs anywhere.

Can anyone help? Allow me to confirm: I have every piece of the statue. I have the loaded lighter and the twigs.

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