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Need only 2 basic flowers per plant

[Post New]by AdrianaIP on Jan 6, 17 9:39 AM
I realized at this point that for any plant you need 2 flowers

1 Spotted
2 Citrus

Crossing spotted with citrus gives you Jaspera

Crossing Spotted with Jaspera gives you Blue star

Then all other colors you can get with crosses.

Once you have the basic colors you can run the whole spectrum for a plant. And it does not matter if you cross the plant itself, or if the plant is created from a cross from other plants, the color combinations remain.

That's why you need to buy seeds, to find the missing flowers to get the basic ones.

I am now saving time in crosses as I only need to cross one plant with another to find what it is, cross the citrus, cross the spotted, and then run the gamut for the new plant.

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Re:Need only 2 basic flowers per plant

[Post New]by AdrianaIP on Jan 7, 17 6:01 AM
Also got the plant crosses

There are four basic plants


Maple and Astera give Malanta
Maple and Cactus give Pipe cactus
Maple and Reptans give Fern

Astera and Cactus give Lemontree
Astera and Reptans give Grass
Cactus and Reptans give Malanta againt

I got one further cross, between the secondary plants but they are fragile and I am saving for the Isola soil and water before trying for more

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