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[Post New]by HennyMarie on Jan 7, 17 7:16 AM
Just searced for airship threads, but all I found was locked

Well just wanted to tell you what I finally did.

I do Trina quests and often have to send the airship.. as she allways wants 300 wheels that takes 2 airships.. wich is too much when most of them get you 230-298 wheels.

Twice I have had airships that gave 300 wheels, so now I know it is possible to send only one ship.

And to get it I just send the airship emty until I get a 300 wheler

I have been trying to do it for a couple of weeks, but I am not very patient, so I have caved and send low number whelers to get on, but today I did it

Believe I send 3 emty ones befor I got the one I wanted.

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