Dial under horses head

[Post New]by chellette1 on Jan 7, 17 2:29 PM
Help please. What numbers go on the dial under the horses head? The hint button is of no help. I pressed the hint button, it only takes me back to the dial. What numbers are needed to move on???


Re:Dial under horses head

[Post New]by retard666 on Feb 20, 17 6:11 AM
I've tried every combination and can't get this to work.. Big Fish we need help or give us our money back for this dud game


Re:Dial under horses head

[Post New]by nissanmicra on Apr 15, 17 5:22 AM
2741, It's from the blind above the stage, made up of figures.

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Re:Dial under horses head

[Post New]by kitaboy on Oct 12, 17 2:21 PM
Thank you so much; I saw the figures and I think I got tired and didn't want to tackle it. Smile; thanks; Kita Boy.

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