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Prince stuck in Christmas tree

[Post New]by Desertdruid on Jan 9, 17 12:40 PM
In the bonus section, I have fed Prince, taught him to fly, & collected all the 7 crystals from the Christmas tree. Prince flew to the top of the tree & just flutters up & down there. I can't move on. The screen stops responding at that point. I have to exit the app & close it. Reloading it just takes me back to collecting the 7th crystal & Prince goes back to fluttering at the top of the tree. Powering down my device doesn't change anything.
Playing on iPhone 5c, iOS version 9.2

I see I'm not the only one who's gotten stuck at this point. We all seem to be iOS.

Why in the world is the tech issues thread locked?!?

Is anyone maintaining the game (or this forum!) anymore?

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