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Seventeen flower types

[Post New]by AdrianaIP on Jan 10, 17 5:52 PM
I have not started crossing plants, but I discovered that there are 17 flower types in total. I got 16, and the seventeenth I will get by crossing Venenous and Citrus.

Basically it starts with 2 types, citrus and spotted. Orignally each has 1/1 of each

The next cross brings Jalapa which has 50:50 of each.

The three quarters are Blue star, which is 1/4 Citrus and 3/4 Spotted
and Four Petals which is 1/4 Spotted and 3/4 Citrus.

Then it gets down to eights, with the $3.00 seeds.

It goes down to sixteenths with the $5.00 seeds. When you attempt backcrosses with them you find, for example that crossing a blue star with a Nox gives you a blue star. This can only be explained by saying that Nox brought a fraction of a trait, and on integers a fraction counts as zeros. So it never goes to thirtysecons. Sixteen it is. Or rathe seventeen, since the count starts at zero.

All $5.00 seeds can be obtained by crosses between $3.00 and $1.00 seeds, (Venonous is also a $3.00 seed, make sure you keep it in stock. Or not, since only one flower depens on it, and you might want to use the space)

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