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Jan.15, 2017 Mini-Review

[Post New]by yowzasma on Jan 14, 17 11:15 PM
I wish I had gotten the Collectors Edition for sure !
I bought this game almost 4 years ago and every time I got frazzled in the first chapter and would click out and exit...The map wasn't any good and I kept getting lost... Anyway I decided to stick with it and it got better because I love FROGS and HOGS and the more I played the more frog/hog scenes I found and the enjoyment I got from these about made up for lack of info in the so called map and the disappointing so called "Hint" button.
Because of the number of 'old style' frogs and pretty good hogs I am giving this one a
& 3/4 out of 5 on my personal enjoy-ability scale.

Played on my desktop PC running Windows 10 with no problem other than 2 or 3 freeze-ups that corrected itself.

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