i am stuck

[Post New]by alesandra_ioana on Jan 15, 17 1:22 AM
i am stuck at the part of the game wherei have to put de DNA and I just entered the birthing room and all I can do there is putting the DNA which I now that I can find from the numbers in cahrles's name but I don't know wehre are the numbers on the DNA machine and I my inventory I have just a feather , a parenting book and awire cutter.
what shoud I do next?(sorry for my bad English. I am Romanian)
please help me

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Re:i am stuck

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Jan 20, 17 2:53 PM
If you're sure you've got the right numbers from the birth certificate (it can't hurt to double-check - they're in a funny font and you need to make sure you have them in the order of D, N, A) go to the DNA machine in the delivery room.

There are no numbers on the DNA machine, but 12 is at the top and 1 is at the bottom, so you need to guess where your numbers are.

When you think you have your DNA sliders set to the right number, check the gauges on the side of the bed. The arrows should point at your DNA numbers (like the hours on a clock). If not, go back to the DNA machine and adjust the sliders.

Once the arrows on the gauges point to the right numbers, push the button on the delivery chute.

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