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Level 78

[Post New]by Maddy141 on Jan 17, 17 7:30 AM
2nd Part:
Left B7 up
Left W l-up-l
Right W up-l
Left B7 d
Top W l
Left B7 up
Right Green 1 left
Left Y9 r (against G5)
Right G1 up
Left G1 right

Top W r
Bottom B7 r-up-r
Left B7 d-r
Top W d
Now for the tricky bit!!!

Clash the left G5 and the right $ sign so that the G5 can be moved down to land on top of the other G5.
Then clash (very carefully) the left Y9 and the same $ sign so that the $ sign goes down in front of the G5.

Move the Y9 right and up and the Top Y9 down to eliminate.

Left W r-d
Left B7 l
Right W d-l
Right B7 l-d
Move $ sign left
From here you should be able to pair all remaining tiles.
Hope this makes sense and good luck.

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Re:Level 78

[Post New]by skyepearl on Jan 24, 17 6:25 AM
Thank you, Maddy141! Very helpful

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Re:Level 78

[Post New]by grabit2 on Feb 12, 17 7:15 PM
thank you so much!! i had all but given up on this level, and the game.... thought to have a last look for a clue. and here it was.. more than just a clue, and what i really needed. now for the last of this game!

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Re:Level 78

[Post New]by syclone91 on Jun 4, 17 3:19 PM
Is there a first part, I need help

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