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[Post New]by pammyg on Jan 17, 17 7:42 AM
having a lot of trouble with this one.
Know the game has been around a while, and know one else has had problems with this level, but I cannot get gold.
anyone out there that can help - would be really grateful.

here's hoping....



[Post New]by Odiec1 on Jan 19, 17 10:23 AM
I just got done with that level. The gold mine is to the right. I hope you have found it.

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[Post New]by pammyg on Jan 20, 17 7:47 AM
I did find gold mine, but cannot get 3 stars, just miss it my a second.
frustrating. But will keep trying, must be doing something wrong.
thankyou for help.



[Post New]by sleepysnickers on Mar 24, 17 10:37 AM
I'm having the same problem Pammy. I get super close to 3 stars but just can't get it.



[Post New]by VarikaLM on May 23, 17 1:46 PM
I JUST managed to get gold on this level. Here's what I did, based on a different post on this level:

1. Start clearing down to the ring road.
2. Once you clear 3 items and open the ring road, you should have enough wood to upgrade the house and get 2 workers.
3. Begin clearing toward the farm and the sawmill.
4. On the ring road, clear to the left. DO NOT clear to the right until you reach the piles of food on the left.
5. Your "work faster" bonus should become available just about the time you have enough wood to build the farm. Use it, then begin clearing to the right on the ring road.

AFTER THIS POINT, only use the "run faster" bonus as soon as it becomes available.

6. Build the saw mill while clearing mostly to the left on the ring road.
7. Upgrade the farm.
8. When you have cleared to both little dragons on the ring road, build the magician's house.
9. Clear the little dragon blocking the gold mine on the right first.

Consistently grab the respawning gold when it appears, but ignore the food and the stone unless you need it to continue working.

10. Clear to the well and down to the fog by the hunter's lodge, and clear to the gold mine on the right.
11. Clear the fog on the left. Gather the stone there.
12. Upgrade the house for 3 workers.
13. Build the gold mine.
14. Continue clearing the inner spiral of the road, and out to the last little dragon on the left. DO NOT build the bridge yet.
15. Build the well as soon as you have enough stone.
16. Build the hunter's lodge as soon as you have enough wood.
17. Upgrade the well as soon as you have enough stone.
18. Clear the little dragon in the middle, then the one on the far left.
19. Build the bridge as soon as you have enough wood.
20. Clear the fog across the bridge and the trap at the same time.
21. Clear the mahkar and the fog on the ring road.
22. Clear the dragon at the end of the spiral, then the one across the bridge.

If you consistently use the run-faster bonus, this SHOULD get you done with a couple seconds to spare.

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