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Not bad...

[Post New]by phatkhat on Apr 4, 10 10:22 PM
but not real good, either. I have all the Chocolatier games, and all the instructions in those are so clear and leave nothing to guesswork. This one... well the instructions aren't so hot.

I never could figure out how many bushels of grapes to make a case of wine. This is important to know when buying. I'm sure my grapes will get rotten before I use some of them.

Although I love wine, and the music is wonderful, I'm gonna take a pass on this one.


Re:Not bad...

[Post New]by MariposaMorada on Sep 16, 10 9:21 PM
Also, I find the game to be extremely slow compared with Chocolatier. I know it's not advertised as quick-paced and hectic, but for a time management game it's just... slow.

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