cannot get 3 stars on level 59.

[Post New]by jodieblonde111 on Jan 20, 17 2:03 PM
what is the best way to get 3 stars on level 59?

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Re:cannot get 3 stars on level 59.

[Post New]by hraili on Mar 16, 17 10:57 AM
This strategy is absolutely the best one and you'll get 3 stars and still lots of time left:
1. Chop the Trees, all of them while other workers
2. Build the Bridge to the Gold Mine and put 2 Workers in the Gold Mine
3. Build the 2 Bridges to the Bushes near the Elephant and pick all the Bushes. Pay the Glutton
4. Build the Bridge to the 2 open building lots
5. Build a Sawmill and produce 50 Wood, then demolish the Sawmill
6. Build a Market and buy 250 Food
7. Build the Fountain

Note: Forget the Leprechaun and the Bank. Forget the Elephant and the swamp.
Furthermore, this is a very good level for the achievement “Serious Business”

I'd like to know, if this was of any help

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