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loved the game ....BUT

[Post New]by nightmusk on Apr 5, 10 7:24 AM
loved this game
so different to the HOGS i usually play
finding things then having to go back to previous scenes to find more objects
i found it really challenging
just one complaint though
why oh why
do they have to have blooming great spiders in these games
as i have a morbid fear of spiders i found it very upsetting to say the least
i hurried as much as i could to get the blanket to throw over this monster
as i couldn bear to look at the screen untill i covered it up
any one else have this problem
or am i alone
i dont mind the smaller ones you get in some HOGS
but this beast was a monster

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Re:loved the game ....BUT

[Post New]by aalaurie on Apr 6, 10 9:56 AM
I am not especially comfortable with the spiders, but try to concentrate on other things in the scene or pretend they are something else until I can solve the problem.
Hope this helps.

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Re:loved the game ....BUT

[Post New]by phatkhat on Apr 17, 10 10:09 PM
The spiders don't bother me. It's the snakes I get the jitters from...

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Re:loved the game ....BUT

[Post New]by DrRobert on Apr 18, 10 9:24 PM
"I don't like spiders and snakes..." Wasn't there a song like that decades ago? LOL

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Re:loved the game ....BUT

[Post New]by Slowglass on Jul 8, 10 9:08 PM
Well, perhaps look at it like this -- the spiders are big so you can see them and hopefully get rid of them quickly, as opposed to being little ones, which are no less difficult in real life, and having them pop out at you without any notice whatsover. I noticed a really large example in one of the rooms myself and thought "whoa" -- but then when it showed up as something to be collected, I grabbed it right away and exercised control over it, putting it in its place and then it was bye bye when I got the rest of the objects in the group. We all have fears and I hope that when the thing you fear arrives in a game that isn't supposed to be particularly scary, you can find a way to view it that will allow you mastery over it, rather than being afraid of it. The spiders on the screen are not real -- but the fear is. Allow your knowledge of each to control both. Good luck to you!

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