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Dora Saves the Snow Princess comments and reviews

[Post New]by cche on Apr 5, 10 9:22 AM
This is aimed at young children. Bright simple graphics, simple games and puzzles, and an annoying young voice that is trying to be cute and exciting and fails on both counts.

Unfortunately, it plays very slowly and ignores clicks while running the talky clips and animations. I spent most of my time waiting, and I cannot imagine that this would be entertaining even to a very patient youngster.

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Re:Dora Saves the Snow Princess comments and reviews

[Post New]by karolyneb on Apr 5, 10 1:12 PM
Dora Saves the Snow Princess Review

Dora Saves the Snow Princess is a game based on the Dora the Explorer cartoon. This one is aimed towards older children than most of the Dora games and is less like a Dora episode and more like an actual game.

Karolyneb's expected age range (your child may vary ):
A young 4-year-old might be able to watch and help an older child or adult play but only a older 4 or 5 yo would be able to play without help.

Gameplay description:
There are two main modes of play (and unlockable rewards) - adventure (where children listen to the story and solve minigames) and Minigame. The minigames include a simple HOG, tic-tac-toe, connect 4, driving and avoiding obstacles, counting to 3, an M3 (here an M2 ) as well as a few others. Solving minigames give 'crystal' reward points that can be used to unlock puzzles, coloring pages, and a few other things.

The good:
Nice bridge between preschooler "games" and games for older children
Good variety of minigames

The bad:
Something about the story made me squirm a little bit - maybe it was the witch casting a spell to keep the proncess from smiling (but if I can let the Toddler watch Noddy (on "Make Way for Noddy") learn that it is okay for adults to break promises then I can deal with this)
Not much in the way of Spanish exercises - the only one was for counting in Spanish
Seems to be more resource intensive than I would've expected for a kids game - demo it first to make sure it works on your system
My usual peeve with the Dora games - I'd love to see them do subtitles for the dialog (especially for Spanish)

Who will love this:
Older fans of Dora the Explorer - especially those ready to transition from preschool type games to more advanced games

Who will hate this:
Children who are too advanced.
Younger children most likely will get bored with portions of it but may enjoy the minigames and coloring pages.

Karolyneb's soapbox:
Who will hate this (part II):
Adults who aren't familiar with the show

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