viewing the Journal

[Post New]by seamoose on Jan 24, 17 3:41 PM
I'm not playing the CE version of this game, so maybe I missed the memo, but if I can't get my cursor up to the top left side of the screen when an important journal entry is created so I can click on the "View the Journal" tab fast enough, I don't see another way that allows me to do this. I've checked my bottom toolbar and gone to the main menu, but don't see a manual way to check the journal. Clicking on the journal looking icon next to the hints button on the bottom right of the toolbar just brings up my current task. I like to read the journals in a game to try to enjoy the storyline better, so am I missing an icon or easy way to get at this? They don't leave the slide bar tab visible long enough for me to reach & click on it fast enough.

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