the sultan's labyrinth

[Post New]by juliasceaser76 on Jan 24, 17 5:19 PM
I am stuck on one on the episodes and cannot go any further. Difficult to give you a number or reference as there is not one. However, the Help button on the page says MOVE YOUR MOUSE OVER THE SCENE OBJECTS PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THEIR CLUES TO LEARN HOW TO PROCEED BY MAKING THEM WORK TOGETHER. I cannot identify the objects as none of them light up. However I am on the episode with a telescope which you have to open with the knife etc. The hatchway at the bottom is locked and I do not know how to open it. Also a dialogue puzzle box opens when you click on the jar. I cannot solve the code. Please help if you can. This is the first time I have not been able to go ahead. Thank you.


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