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It's really sad.....

[Post New]by Tinyfeet2 on Jan 25, 17 10:29 AM
The only way I have gotten any response from anyone is to post here. 3 weeks after my initial request and I've yet to have anything more than a request for more info.

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Re:It's really sad.....

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Jan 26, 17 3:10 PM
Hi Tinyfeet2,

It sounds like you've only received a request for more information in response to your recent email, and I completely understand wanting to look into this.

Our Customer Support Team definitely wants to make sure that people's inquiries are addressed, and I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received a personalized response. I've reached out to our team, and it looks like a Rep was last able to reply on January 14.

If you ever receive a response and still have a question or concern the Forum Moderation Team recommends replying directly to the email in order to let the Rep know. Our system will automatically close tickets if they don't get a reply back within a few days, and so responding will make sure that the ticket remains open so that a Rep can get back to you as soon as possible.

If you didn't get that last email from them the best thing to do it may help to check your spam or junk mail folder. If the email doesn't show up there, we then recommend responding to the latest email you received from our Support Team and letting them know. Additionally, it's a good idea to add the following email address to your safe senders list, which will ensure that the emails from our Reps are able to arrive properly:


Since this thread is discussing a ticket to our Support Team and isn't related to Wanderland specifically I'm going to go ahead and lock it in order to keep things organized and easy to navigate. If you have any other questions about this please feel free to PM one of our active Moderators and we'll be happy to help as best we can.

Thank you for your patience, and I hope that this information has been able to help.


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