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Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Jan 26, 17 12:40 AM
A thread for your reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by angelfish106 on Jan 26, 17 7:34 AM
Sorry but this game isn't for me. I don't mind this devs games but they are getting a bit 'same-y' and therefore just a bit uninteresting.

Nice enough graphics but same old game-play and tasks, unspectacular HOS (or a simple Match-3) and not very difficult puzzles made it a bit of a bore.You also get glasses allowing you to see the past. Another gadget no doubt included to extend the gameplay. I gave up after having to perform ridiculous tasks just to get to the next scene. Unfortunately the promise of being able to decorate pet's habitats turned me off this game even more. Didn't like the story or really anything about it at all, so not a buy for me, even as an SE. Disappointing.

No problems with what I played of the demo, which was only about 20 minutes. Desktop running Win7 Prof 64-bit.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by bfgPanthalassa on Jan 26, 17 8:29 AM
Hello everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

Review Guidelines

1) Be sure to keep your reviews on-topic. Reviews in this thread should only be commenting on Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition.

2) Be respectful of the reviewers. Please keep in mind our Forum Rules and be respectful of our reviewers. They take the time to post here to be helpful. Please do not review the reviews of others.

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When posting reviews please be courteous and refrain from posting spoilers. If in the event that a spoiler is needed, please remember to post with white text and a warning. .

*Moderators will be removing any content in this thread that is not a review.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators.


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by mrm2006 on Jan 26, 17 12:25 PM
Hello Everyone!

I'm curious that there are only 15 'ghost objects' and 15 collectibles, just how long/short this game is????


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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Jan 26, 17 2:03 PM
Hi all! Well, we have #6 in this series. As usual, I review mostly on the game play and leave the story to those who do a much better job than I. The graphics in this game are quite good, except for the blur you have when going in and out of a close up scene. This is a constant complaint with this series, not sure why they can't fix it, but not a deal breaker. Colors are bright and true. As always, this series has wonderful voices with emotion, excitement, fear, etc. I do love a good accent. You can click through the dialog if you read faster than they speak, without missing any hidden clues. Game play was excellent, no problems during the demo. Animation was quite nice and had fairly smooth movements. The music was better than most. During the beta, it was quite over-powering, so they obviously actually read some of the reviews and fixed it. Yes, murder and mayhem, but a little comedy too. Not sure they really meant for the comedy, but had to laugh when the police office got shot and said "Oh, that hurt!" Really?

HOPs are very well done. You have a combination of interactive lists and interactive silhouettes. The scenes are fairly clear and items are not difficult to find, but some you do have to move things to find. These are well done. You can switch to a match 3 if you get tired of the HOPs. Puzzles are not all that difficult, but some are quite challenging. You need to use some brain power now and then. Nicely done. I really do like the map in this series, very clear and easy to follow. It also shows you where you have missed a collectible. You do a lot of back tracking, but you don't seem to get bored with returning to the same room or area. There is a transport feature. We used, the map automatically opens and shows you where to go. Hint system is quite useful and doesn't just tell you to move on.

Collectibles are many in this game. We need to find 8 pets, which are quite easy to spot; 15 cursed items, did not see that they morphed, some are quite small and easy to miss; 25 puzzle pieces that are not puzzle shaped, but a square of a puzzle, also not easy to spot; and 18 ghostly pounds...not sure what that is, but what I found were symbols carved into various objects, different sizes and shapes, and quite easy to miss. Collectibles are nicely done and somewhat challenging to find.

You have glasses that allow you to see things from the past, which gives you insight into what is happening and why. The story seemed to move a bit slowly, until we got to the why, then picked up nicely. You can actually reach into the "past" scene and get useful items for the inventory. I found this story to be interesting and the game challenging enough to make me want to buy it. When I beta tested this one in November, I gave it a 4.5 on my beta scale. Unlike others, I do not give 5 stars to every game I play and I do not give them unless a game is truly exceptional in all fields. This one was not, but was a very nice game all the same. I think all levels of players will find this one worth the CE price. Yes, I am adding this to my every growing collection of CE games.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by nontechiegrannie on Jan 26, 17 2:50 PM
Not a bad game EXCEPT for the silly/tedious/very boring ghost element.

Graphics colorful & for once not the overpowering blue that seems to be prevalent with these types of games.

VO good but the mouth movements leave much to be desired.

HOS interactive but nothing new or exciting. Puzzles lean toward the slide this here or move that there which I find more frustrating than fun. As usual some of the instructions are not as clear as they could be.

Enjoyed collecting the pets but the other stuff was hit or mostly miss. I find trying to play the game & remember to find all of the extraneous dodads a bit much. I'd rather concentrate on the game.

As always, try the demo & see if you want to find out about this hangman and/or care if he returns or not.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by kgustavson on Jan 26, 17 11:41 PM
Totally agreeing with Angelfish; nothing special here and so completely the same as the last game in this series that it is a no-buy for me.


Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition here.

[Post New]by NancySusan on Jan 27, 17 2:50 PM
I'm kind of on the fence about this one, because there were enough things about it that irritated me, but I liked the story, because I'm a fan of mysteries. The village/town is hardly an English town, the accents are only truly British once, i.e., the cop at the beginning, but after that are either North American, or fake English. There are some real idiocies re the set-up of the story including the two computers (at the beginning and the dead editor's), but in an emergency no one has a cell phone, what??, so we waste a lot of time constructing a phone in a phone booth. One person apparently types on an ancient typewriter, there are abandoned pets all over the place, having survived fire and deaths of owners. If you know anything about the U.K., you will know that 999 is the emergency number, but we have to have a piece of paper with 999 on it to nudge our failing memory when we need to call emergency, and it goes on. Also, while I made it through most of the mini-games on the hard setting, a couple I had to skip, and these were the (for me) dreaded slide this into that, which are hard for me, because I'm dyslexic and I don't retain the pattern of where the shapes have been, but the rest of the mini-games were fine, although I liked only a few. Literally the only thing I truly was intrigued by was the story line. So I'm not sure what I'll do, or what to advise people, other than it's clear some really like the game, and others are bored out of their skulls. I'm somewhere in between, because it is interesting. I haven't bought any of the games in this series, which may be why I feel that way, and I think you should just play the demo and make your own decision.

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